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The Hindu Editorial Collection.pdf




Subscribe for more than 50+ popular Hindi Newscollection released in the last 24 hours. Hindi News. Read the latest news on the web. Includes: Crime, Education, Politics, International, Business, Weather and Sports. The Hindu is an English-language daily newspaper published in Chennai, India and is part of the Hindustan Times group. It is considered to be the most respected newspaper in India. . Young Guru talks about web - tssilver ====== tssilver Thank you Reddit for sharing this. ------ chrisdent More than just a web video? ~~~ tssilver How can one describe a "Web video"? Web!= Online If it's online, it's a web video. ~~~ chrisdent Cool. In 1628, Henry Briggs was sentenced to death for his part in a series of 1626 witch-trials in London. Born into a poor working-class family, Briggs had become apprenticed to a wealthy merchant, and his family was likely related to members of the royal court. He was certainly well-connected, being twice elected a member of parliament, one of the few in that era to do so. He was also educated in Latin, theology, and law. Briggs was not a Puritan. In fact, he was a nonconformist, and in 1619, he had given a sermon defending the execution of the puritan John Stubbs. Briggs was arrested on a charge of witchcraft in September 1626. Although a deal was struck with the "Witchfinder General," Giles Corey, to spare Briggs' life in exchange for testimony against his neighbors, he was forced to confess. After several court appearances, he was convicted of sorcery in October 1626 and sentenced to death. Although he was incarcerated at the city of London jail, he was not placed in a separate cell where he would be protected from other inmates. Like many accused witches, he was crowded into a cell with up to four other people, and this was where he was subjected to torture by the local magistrate. The prison was a wooden shed and was allegedly infested with rats. Conditions were so bad that even the court ordered the jail to be burned down. On the night of November 9, Briggs was taken





The Hindu Editorial Collection.pdf

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