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Pink Sugar
Pink Sugar

We keep a Prom & Homecoming Dress Registry on ALL of our dresses & offer this to all our customers Instore & Online FREE of charge.  This is one of the amazing benefits that you get when you shop a Prom & Formal Boutique instead of chain stores, your local malls or online only stores.  What does Dress Registry mean? 
This means once you have purchased your dress, we will put you down on our Dress Registry and no one else at your school or event will be able to purchase from us the same style & color of the dress that you have purchased with us.  Before you fall in love with a dress or before purchase, please make sure that you ask us to check our dress registry for your dress  
Our Dress Registry is available for all instore & online purchases.  So, you can tell all your friends about Prom & Bridal Glam Boutique, but can rest assure that they won't be able to purchase your dress.

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